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Johansen and Dallas offer unique farmhouse handmade decor and vermont's best maple products

We're Johansen and Dallas – your destination for exceptional food products, reclaimed furniture and
one-of-a-kind home decor!


Johansen and Dallas Carpentry, now reborn, has a rich history deeply rooted in the craftsmanship and dedication of its founders. Established decades ago by two visionary carpenters, Johansen and Dallas, the company quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional woodworking skills and commitment to quality. Over the years, it contributed to countless architectural marvels, from intricate wooden interiors in historic homes to innovative modern designs in commercial spaces.  With a renewed passion for excellence here in Northern Vermont, the reborn Johansen and Dallas brand promises to redefine what it means to create timeless, finely crafted home decor and Vermont culinary delights for generations to come.

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